Ultran has combined its transducer technology with proprietary hardware and software products to deliver ultrasonic nondestructive characterization systems that analyze materials, characterize defects and refine manufacturing processes, resulting in dramatic cost savings and quality improvements in a wide range of industries and applications.

On-Line & Benchtop Solution

U710x Ultrasonic Inspection System

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The U710x quality inspection system is Ultran’s next generation, turnkey inspection solution equipped with its industry leading patented transducers, propriety software suite, and robust hardware. The U710x is faster and boasts higher sensitivity than any other non-contact quality inspection system in the industry, and its lightweight design allows for use in a wide variety of fieldwork applications.

The U710x was designed for use in non-contact, immersion and direct/delayed contact testing conditions. In addition to its lightweight design and precision measuring capacity, the U710x contains the following features:

• Faster inspection with quieter scanning
• High throughput with single and multi-channel scanning
• On-line and off-line inspection
• Total contact freedom, eliminating contamination of materials
• One-click inspection report generation
• 100% inspection of uncured or cured parts

U710X Product Brochure

M510x Ultrasonic Analysis System

The SecondWave™ M510x is Ultran’s original inspection solution made for a variety of applications. Optimized for use in non-contact (air-coupled), immersion, and direct/delayed contact conditions, M510x operates in either dual or single (pulse-echo) transducer modes.

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Download M510x Datasheet

Non-Contact (air-coupled) scanning capability
Wide frequency range (20kHz to 6.25MHz)
Multiple channel options  (2, 4, and 8)
Windows based, powerful software suite
Simultaneous measurements on all channels
Propriety software with customized options
On-line and off-line inspection
100% inspection of uncured or cured parts
Total freedom from touch or contamination of materials
One-click inspection report generation
High throughput with single and multi-channel scanning
Robust and extremely easy to use graphical user interface
Inspection Methods Non-Contact (air-coupled), Immersion, Direct/Delayed Contact
Trasduncer Modes Through Transmission, Pitch-Catch, Pulse-Echo
Frequency 20kHz to 6.25MHz
Pulse Voltage 390V tone burst
Gain Range 0 dB to 84 dB
Pulse Width 25 ns to 12 us
Sampleing Rate upto 50MS/sec
A/D Resolution 14 bit
Number of Pulses 1 to 16
Trigger External and Internal
High Pass Filters 40kHz, 80kHz, 200kHz, 400kHz, and 800kHz
Low Pass Filters 200 kHz, 800 kHz, 1 MHz, 2 MHz, and 10 MHz
Channels 2, 4, or 8 channels
Scan Types A-Scan, Line Scan, C-Scan
Measurement Gates 4 gates per  channel
Measuremetns Pk-Pk Amplitude (dB and mV), Time of Flight (ToF us), FFT, Pk Loc (us)
Maerial Characteristic Monitoring Attenuation, defects, delamination, porosity, velocity/density, thickness, ToF
Configuration Bench-top or On-line


SecondWave™ Software Suites

The SecondWave™ Studio:

SecondWave™ Studio is a versatile software suite that interfaces with all aspects of Ultran’s systems for continuous analysis.

SecondWave™ Studio

SecondWave™ Research Studio:

SecondWave™ Research Studio is a powerful post-processing tool for the analysis of acquired ultrasonic data.

SecondWave™ Research Studio

Multi-Channel Solution

NCU Multi Channel Online Solution

Our static non-contact multi-channel online system can provide inspection at multiple locations for continuous feedback on your production line. Supported by our system between 40 kHz and 2 MHz, our transducer arrays come standard in 4-channel linear transmitter-receiver pairs. However, our arrays can be customized for additional channels in brick and linear patterns for either full or partial coverage across moving web or piece-part production lines.

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