We want our customers to know that the roots of Ultran are embedded in materials science and engineering. Whether your products are composites, ceramics, powder metals, light metals, elastomers, plastics, foams, concrete, wood, lumber, dry walls, food, pharmaceuticals, bio-medical, or anything else, you can count on our applications experts to provide you the solution that modern ultrasound can deliver.


For over 15 years, we have been producing the world’s leading non-contact ultrasound transducers based upon our patented designs. Characterized by high efficiency, our transducers are available in planar or focused configurations. Browse below to learn which transducers will solve your application.

Available in frequencies from 30 KHz to 5 MHz


Non-Contact Transducer Catalog

VLF Contact and Immersion

Ultran has developed a new piezoelectric material known as GMP™ or Gas Matrix Piezoelectric Composite. GMP™ is characterized by extremely high sensitivity and broad bandwidth, making this material highly suitable for very low frequency transducers. US & International patents pending.

Available in frequencies between 30 KHz to 500 KHz


GMP Contact & Immersion Transducer Catalog


The main application of these transducers is nondestructive testing and characterization of materials through conventional techniques. As materials, objectives, and the environment of testing vary, so may the characteristics and types of transducers. Therefore, the transducers have been classified according to their acoustics, mode of coupling, and physical styles.

Available in a wide range of frequencies