About The Ultran Group

Ultran is the inventor of modern non-contact ultrasound and a leading innovator in the development of transducers, systems and services for advanced materials testing and characterization.

For over three decades we have been building unique ultrasonic devices targeted towards cost-effective production, saving our customers time and energy. We translate our advanced research and technology into value for our clients by developing applications that test and characterize materials in the early stages of formation.

Companies from all over the world seek out Ultran for our unique expertise in creating new, inventive and cost-effective solutions in materials testing for process and qualitity control, reliability and safety.

Why NON-CONTACT Ultrasound?

In 1973 when I first got involved with ultrasound, I was searching for dry coupling broadband transducers for porous ceramics evaluation. Neither such transducers nor the proper modus operandi existed at that time. Ultrasound was virtually absent from the materials characterization scene and was confined to metals testing using liquid couplants. So I started Ultran in 1978 to develop ultrasound for materials process, quality, and reliability analysis. Since then I have been vigorously pursuing Non-Contact Ultrasound (NCU) to test materials:

  • In early stages of their formation – composite prepregs, rubbers, plastics, green ceramics, powder metals, consolidated particles, powders, chemically-bonded materials;
  • That are liquid sensitive – porous, hygroscopic, food, pharmaceutical, etc.;
  • Rolling on a production line – rubber, plastic, composite, lumber, and construction materials.

In 1982 we developed dry coupling and in 1983 air coupled ultrasound transducers. In 1997 our struggle ultimately resulted in phenomenally high transduction NCU transducers (U.S. and International Patents and Patents Pending). Produced from 5.0 MHz, they have finally broken the Z barrier, thus making NCU possible. Accompanying this is our 2002 invention of the novel Gas Matrix Piezoelectric (GMP™) composite, characterized by extremely high coupling efficiency (U.S. and International Patents and Patents Pending).

Ultran also undertook the task of developing NCU suitable hardware, software, and mechanical systems. The crux of our systems and analytical philosophy is simple: to present significant materials information in terms that our customers understand and appreciate.

We took the responsibility of redefining ultrasound for the benefit of the materials industry. We are proud to offer modern ultrasound that answers the call of our socio-technical materials world for production efficiency and for saving time, energy, cost, and the environment.

Mahesh C. Bhardwaj
Founder & Chief Technical Officer
The Ultran Group