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Ultran Introduction
Ultran welcomes this opportunity to provide you with a better understanding of who we are and what we can offer your organization.

Ultran Company Presentation
The Ultran Group is the innovator and world leader in non-contact ultrasound materials analysis technology.

Hires Ultrasound and Spectroscopy

Non-Contact Ultrasound

High Efficiency Non-Contact Transducers and a Very High Coupling Piezoelectric Composite
Despite the usefulness of ultrasound for materials analysis, this age-old method has been stifled by direct or indirect transducer contact to the test media, generally by liquids. Consequently

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Characterization of In-Plane Density Variation in Oriented Strandboard
In-plane density variations exist in oriented strandboards (OSB) due to random flake deposition in mat forming. The integrity of structural performance of the board in service depends on the degree of homogeneity of its horizontal density

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Characterization of Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)
In this study, non-contact ultrasound technology is successfully utilized to characterize hot mix asphalt (HMA) used in roadway construction. HMA is a heterogeneous mixture of asphalt binder, stone aggregates, fines (sand) and mineral additives. Specifications require that HMA have 3% to 5% air voids by volume

Evolution of Piezoelectric Transducer to Full Scale Non-Contact Ultrasonic Analysis Mode
While non-contact – air/gas coupled – uses of sound waves are buried in the antiquities of our civilization, in modern times, presumably one of the first applications is related to Antarctic

Introductions to contact-free ultrasonic characterization and analysis of consolidated materials
Adhering to the objectives of non-destructive materials characterization, a contact-less –aircoupled — method of ultrasound is highly desirable. However, exorbitant acoustic impedance mismatch between the coupling air and the test media presents

Non Contact Ultrasound: A Paradigm Shift in our Perception & Applications of this Wave
Materials characterization, Non-Destructive testing and ultrasound, Limitations of conventional contact ultrasound and possibilities without contact, Realities that impede Non-Contact Ultrasound

Ultran NCU Overview
Unlike x-ray, Laser, radioactive particles, and thermal waves, ultrasound is truly NON-Destructive in nature.

Ultran NCU Comprehensive Presentation
Non-destructive methods are highly desired and their proper development is not an R&D luxury – it is a necessity of our times.

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Testing and Analysis
Non-Contact Air/Gas-uses of sound waves are perhaps buried in the antiquities of our civilization.

SecondWave™ M510

Ultran SecondWave System
Proven characterization of multiple material types, ability to characterize complex shapes, provides data on various physical properties, applications in numerous markets

M510 Data Sheet

White Papers

The Final Frontier in Non-Destructive Analysis
This publication provides a detailed introduction to Non-Contact Ultrasonic (NCU) transducers and the NCU analyzer as well as a number of applications of relevance to materials

Destruction of bacterial spores by phenomenally high efficiency non-contact ultrasonic transducers
Conventional wisdom stipulates that high power ultrasound without direct or indirect transducer contact with the medium to be treated is not possible.
This seemingly correct notion is based upon two major hurdles: inefficient transmission

Aerospace Developments
Phenomenal advancements in transducers and techniques for non-contact ultrasonic anlysis: Proof, observstions, and some aircraft/aerospace applications.

The Ultran Group Brochure

The Ultran Group Brochure
Gain a Material Advantage

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